Work That Works.

We partner with clients to create work that influences audiences, encourages action, and tells your story.


About Luminous

Luminous is a creative agency that excels in the conceptualization, development, and deployment of ideas.

Our Mission

Luminous works with businesses and organizations to enhance their marketing efforts by developing high-quality creative content that they are unable to create in-house. Our quick turnaround time and ability to meet and exceed deadlines and expectations at a much lower cost than in-house labor results in a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Our Vision

Luminous will partner with businesses and organizations nationally to fill the gaps in more of their marketing that are difficult to create and manage internally. We will do this through a service model that is customizable and flexible to suit each client’s needs on an ongoing basis. With our full creative team on staff available to assist marketing teams for around the same cost as one employee, we will continue to save clients dollars and provide a hard-working team always looking to impress the client. 

What We Do

01 Video
02 Website Design
03 Campaigns
04 Branding + Design
05 Animation

Nice Things People Have Said About Us

Very easy to work with. Expectations, deadlines, and pricing were all straightforward. Staff were open to collaboration and made it easy to make changes as the project progressed. The final videos were exactly what we wanted and worth every penny.

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If you’re looking for an efficient, professional, and timely video production company to help with your brand’s needs, call Luminous!


I am so impressed with your work. You were super easy to work with, and with very little direction on my part, were able to tell a really good story – with audio and visuals that gets to the essence of GNBVT.

Gregg Perry