Founded in 2011, Luminous is a creative agency that excels in the conceptualization, development, and deployment of ideas. Our team of talented, ambitious storytellers bring a no-nonsense approach to every project providing thoughtful solutions that produce measurable results: whether it’s a video, launching a targeted campaign, or developing an impactful digital presence.

Native Rhode Islanders and honored to call Providence our home, we’ve been fortunate enough to build relationships across the country, bringing our energy and expertise to engage local and national audiences alike. Our relaxed approach and working atmosphere fosters positivity, ingenuity and accountability ensuring we’re at our best when helping clients tell their story, connect to their customers and, simply put, create work that works.

Our Culture

Priding ourselves on collaboration and curiosity, we take the time  to ask questions — and, more importantly, listen carefully to the answers — to make effective recommendations on strategies that align with your mission, objectives and goals. 

As efficient communicators, we strive to turn each client relationship into a true partnership with genuine transparency, keeping you informed and updated throughout all the stages of a project’s life cycle.

Our Services

01 Video
02 Website Design
03 Campaigns
04 Branding + Design
05 Animation


Putting audience and story first, our video production services range from focused product videos to corporate overview videos to large scale television commercials. Our comprehensive approach includes start-to-finish production and video editing along with creative marketing and advertising strategies tailored to fit each client’s individual needs.

Website Design + Development

The importance of your company’s web presence can’t be overstated and, during development, no detail should be overlooked. We examine every potential aspect of site functionality with our clients – from design, structure, and maintenance to user experience, conversion elements, and SEO – creating digital solutions that, simply put, look good and work right.


With an eye on influence and action, our campaign services are designed to deliver your message to the right people. Whether the campaign demands traditional, digital, or social media outlets, we partner with clients to shape the narrative, use analytics to figure out the best way to reach their target demographic, and execute an impactful plan that hits the mark.

Branding + Design

Logos. Websites. Business Collateral. Mailers. Social Media graphics. T-shirts. Bumper Stickers. You name it, we design it. We work with clients to identify graphic elements that will build their brand using smart design to shape audience perception and influence market share.


2D or 3D animation provides an alternate visual style to storytelling that can replace, enhance or work in tandem with traditional video production. From concepting, to storyboards, to execution, our video animation services provide an engaging, custom look-and-feel option to reach an audience.


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