At Luminous, we’re passionate about building relationships with cause-driven companies who focus on being a driving force for change, whether their work is concentrated in our home state of Rhode Island or extends beyond those borders. Having worked with nonprofit organizations for over a decade, we understand how important it is to maximize the return on any spend because every dollar counts. Our experience, expertise and enthusiasm for storytelling has helped our nonprofit clients extend their reach while staying focused on their missions of making wishes come true, celebrating diversity, educating children, feeding families, providing the homeless with support & skills training to become self-sufficient or providing essential healthcare to families in underserved communities.

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Priding ourselves on collaboration and curiosity, we take the time  to ask questions — and, more importantly, listen carefully to the answers — to make effective recommendations on strategies that align with your mission, objectives and goals. 

As efficient communicators, we strive to turn each client relationship into a true partnership with genuine transparency, keeping you informed and updated throughout all the stages of a project’s life cycle.

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