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CheckWriters “elevates the customer experience” with a full-service payroll and HR portal to support hard-working employers and HR pros in any industry. Their robust platform offers the “full employee experience” with software, services and resources, along with customer service support that is second to none. 

We’ve partnered with CheckWriters for years providing creative solutions, ranging from designing promotional material to developing educational videos for their services to features highlighting customer success stories, allowing CheckWriters to continue to innovate HR services while helping them stay nimble and responsive to meet client needs.

The Solution

The company name Moniker, from its actual definition to its common understanding, encourages community at every level — both overtly and subconsciously — by being familiar and genuine while still being dynamic enough to mean different things to different people. The idea was as the brand begins to grow and becomes synonymous with a particular kind of experience, the name lends itself to expanding the type of products and services Moniker offers — like coffee, wine and kombucha, for example — without feeling disingenuous.

The graphic, visual and messaging approach for Moniker was simple and functional, mirroring both the name of the company and the design of the tap room — the brand’s jumping off point. Nothing about the brand was designed to be seen as “trendy” or “flashy.” All creative solutions were intentionally simple, direct, and “tried and true.”