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HealthSource RI


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The Challenge

HealthSource RI has been offering flexible health insurance options for individuals, families, and businesses in Rhode Island since 2013. With federal healthcare mandates expiring in the coming year, their 2018 Open Enrollment period — a window when individuals and businesses can sign up for healthcare coverage for the next calendar year — became a watershed moment.

Not only did HealthSource RI require a marketing campaign that showed the value of their “marketplace” approach to finding high-quality coverage in a crowded provider market, but also impart on consumers the importance of having healthcare coverage even when not required to by law.

The Solution

We developed a comprehensive campaign for the 2018 Open Enrollment period with messaging focused on Healthsource RI’s value and affordability. The Open Enrollment campaign’s guiding message was simple: HealthSource RI offers health insurance plans from Rhode Island’s top providers at the lowest cost.

The campaign was designed to personalize health insurance and make it relatable with “everyday life” stories. Custom illustrations, accompanied with simple, whimsical messaging, made the idea of healthcare coverage more approachable, particularly when engaging consumers across social platforms.

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