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Video Production, Graphic Design and Mixed Media Campaign


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The Rhode Island Lottery is the largest voluntary source of income for the State of Rhode Island. Since 1974, the Rhode Island Lottery has transferred billions of dollars to the State’s General Fund channeling funds back into the economy for State education, healthcare, public safety and environmental programs. RI Lot carries the heavy responsibility to maximize revenues as a business entity, but in a manner that maintains the trust and best interests of State residents. Our comprehensive toolkit of communication tools – including marketing, social, and video – helped RI Lot introduce new game options, keep players informed and provide resources to encourage responsible player behaviors year-after-year.

Communication tools introducing new game options for players year after year ranging from seasonal-themed instant tickets, weekly drawings or online e-games, all while encouraging responsible player behaviors, becomes the governing approach for any marketing effort.


Having worked with the Rhode Island Lottery for nearly a decade, we’ve developed comprehensive campaign-specific solutions using our entire suite of services including: on-location or in-studio videography, mixed media campaign development (print, TV, social), illustration, animation, point of sale graphics, script development and content creation.

The graphic, visual and messaging approach for Moniker was simple and functional, mirroring both the name of the company and the design of the tap room — the brand’s jumping off point. Nothing about the brand was designed to be seen as “trendy” or “flashy.” All creative solutions were intentionally simple, direct, and “tried and true.”

Success Story: Keno

Keno gives players the chance to turn numbers into cash with a new game every 4 minutes at over 600 locations statewide. With the game underperforming for years, the Rhode Island Lottery turned to us for help. We developed a campaign designed to raise Keno awareness in general while building a broader game audience with dynamic content & messaging that had a decidedly youthful appeal. It worked. The Rhode Island Lottery reported an unprecedented 71% sales increase for Keno in the 28 days following our campaign launch.

Keno Static Designs