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RI Housing


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The Challenge

Rhode Island Housing has helped define the housing landscape in Rhode Island for over 45 years as the leading resource for buyers, renters and developers. After being reactive to the needs of the community for years, RI Housing wanted to take a step back in 2019 and reflect on who they were as an organization and, more importantly, how they were perceived by both the community they served & the team members they employed.

The Solution

Their in-house team got to work on refreshing the brand, identity and work mark, while we helped them create digital assets, messaging and social content to show the world their new, true colors. Our approach was to match the updated logo style with a youthful, fast-paced tone that showed, without a doubt, that RI Housing was more than just an originating lender for first time homebuyers, but a robust organization responsible for redefining the word “home” for so many.

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