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In 2019, leaders in Rhode Island worked with the General Assembly to pass the Student Loan Bill of Rights which spurred the creation of The Student Loan Protection Center. Providing information and support to student loan borrowers, the Student Loan Protection Center gives borrowers a place to go for assistance if they suspect mistreatment by their student loan servicer. 

Our website was designed as a resource for Rhode Islanders with student loans to understand their rights as borrowers, find answers to commonly asked questions about student loans, connect with consumer protection experts and report services if borrower rights have been violated.

We’ve worked with Amgen for years creating dynamic content to display the reach and mission of the company while highlighting its connection to the academic campuses throughout Rhode Island. 

The Solution

We worked with Gillette Stadium’s marketing team to create a video brochure for booking agents highlighting all the elements that make this state-of-the-art facility the ideal place for any large event, with a focus on the venue’s national notoriety & ranking, flexible stage set-up options, fan access and revenue generating track record.

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